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While doing research and improvement, we regularly determined some innovative ideas, tactics, and ideas that do not exist. As an inventor, you maintain the right to experience all of the advantages of what you’ve got invented and obtaining a patent can offer you the felony safety for that. Since the USA patent regulation modified to first-to-record machine from first-to-invent in 2013, so that you want to be very brief in IP software filing.

The patenting method is quite complicated and time-consuming, and includes numerous stages like IP application submitting, drafting, drawing, workplace moves, and management.

Before you hire a patent agent to put together the desired files for the procedure, you have to do homework; what are the important thing capabilities of your invention, a way to monetize it, market studies to investigate customers’ desires, competition’ activities, etc.

Here are the essential 3 parameters you should work on whilst submitting an IP utility:

1. Prior artwork search:

A popular rule of acquiring patent is your invention have to be precise and novel. So, it’s miles higher to test patentability of your invention earlier than/for the duration of the patent utility filing manner instead of getting rejection from the intellectual belongings office afterward. You can search for the prior arts within the us of a/place you want to get IP safety, and discover if its capabilities meet the required IP strong point standards.

2. Market Mapping and Landscape Analysis:

Competition is one of the important limitations to success. There is probably groups already working towards in the regions your invention belongs to, and you need to do complete research about them. Market mapping and landscape evaluation assist you to to perceive top players, cutting-edge and upcoming product launches, and recent business deals inside the target markets of your invention. You can get the information by industry kind, sales, overall income, and other parameters.

“Why market studies is important at all” is the question you might have as an inventor. Well, according to a piece of writing posted in HubSpot, Firms that regularly research their patron markets (at the least quarterly) develop more than ten instances faster than corporations that don’t behavior research. However, market analysis not most effective promotes commercial enterprise increase, but, boost up profits as nicely.

According to Hinge’s document on consequences of studies on boom and profitability, companies that conducted frequent market studies found out 19.9% profitability, while companies that did no longer behavior studies said most effective eleven% profitability.

According to CBInsights “Fail to Meet eastman cello 4/4    Market Need” is the No. 1 purpose for failure of start-ups, stated in 42% of cases.

3. Technology Landscape:

As your invention is to be introduced up in the market in the future, you ought to analyze the high demanding regions, modern-day and upcoming traits. Spend extra time in knowing if your patent can meet clients’ necessities and adapt the converting external environment.

You may take into account The Eastman Kodak Company, a leading photographic movies and cameras vendor, which failed and bankrupt in 2012. The purpose for failure was the organisation’s incapability to diversify its product lines in step with the brand new virtual revolution.


Thus, studying market and generation tendencies may be very important earlier than/throughout the IP application filing technique. It enables you realize target markets and target audience nicely, get market-sound claims, expand different patent monetization strategies, and growth your returns on funding.