New Developments in Chiang Mai

The number of new developments in Chiang Mai has exploded over the past few years. The city is now the third largest in Thailand, with more than 5 million residents. While this growth is good for the local economy, the new projects can also have a negative impact on the city’s culture. Narong, a prominent Chiang Mai resident, warns against the degradation of Lanna culture, pollution, social issues, crime, and overcrowding caused by the new arrivals.

The Prio condominium is the latest project by SRC, previously known as The Rich. This high-end development is made up of three interconnected 15-storey towers. It features modern design and was developed by the creator of the fashion label Dapper. The project was delayed several times due to developer problems but is now ready for a grand opening this fall. If you’re looking for a luxurious and affordable new home in Chiang Mai, check out the following new developments.

Property for sale Chiang Rai one of the largest developers in Thailand. It offers studios and smaller units, as well as modern amenities. Another new project is Issara Condominium, which was completed in 2018. The Issara condominium was completed in 2018, and it features a laid-back vibe and modern amenities. It is situated near the Big C department store and Tesco.

Dcondo Ping is the latest development in Chiang Mai. The Prio has been dubbed as the ‘Rich’ condo because it has a contemporary design. Its owner, the founder of the Dapper fashion label, has invested heavily in the project. Huen Por Liang, which was launched in 1996, has been plagued by developer problems and has yet to be completed. The central park is close to the central bus terminal.

Dcondo Ping is a new project that was launched in September 2018. The Prio is a project by Sansiri, a top developer in Thailand. It features studios and smaller units in an urban setting and is located near the famous Big C department store. In contrast, the Issara offers a relaxed atmosphere and is located near Tesco and Big C. The Prio offers a variety of amenities, while Issara is built on a larger scale.

Currently, luxury condos are becoming more plentiful in the city. The Astra, a 17-storey project in the heart of downtown, has been the first award-winning development in the city. It was constructed by Q House, a Bangkok-based real estate group with a stellar track record in the construction of quality housing projects across Thailand. And if you’re looking to invest in Chiang Mai real estate, the city is in a good place.

The Mae Kha Canal is one of the major assets of the city. The city plans to convert 30 kilometers of the canal into pedestrian and tourist zones. The project will require the eviction of squatters, construction of wastewater systems, and landscaping. The Mae Kha Canal is the main waterway in Chiang Mai. The Mae Kha canal is a world heritage site. The development will be similar to the Seoul Waterway and is likely to benefit the local economy.

In Chiang Mai, there are a number of new projects. Prio is a project by SRC, which was previously called the Rich condo. It comprises three interconnected 15-storey towers, and has a contemporary, chic design. It was designed by the founder of Dapper, a leading fashion brand in Thailand. In 1996, the Prio was completed, but developers faced several problems. The development team had to delay the project for several years.

SRC Chiang Mai is also a great place to invest in real estate. The Prio condominium, which has three 15-storey towers, is a popular choice among foreigners. The project was named after the founder of the Dapper fashion label. The building was completed in late 1996 but the developer struggled with the project. A few months after its completion, it was renamed to The Rich.

The airport in Chiang Mai is the city’s fourth largest, with flights to over 20 countries. The city has a large number of international flights and is home to over 10 million people a year. The airport currently has capacity for eight million passengers a year, but it is expected to increase to 16 million passengers by 2057. However, the public may not be quick to adopt mass transit. But it has potential. In fact, in the next few years, the new airport is expected to add another 20,000 users daily.