How Pure Are You 100 Questions?

Recently, a popular trend among teens is to measure how pure you are. Some people think this is weird , but it has become so widespread that the Air Force has adopted the term “Pure AF” for being without sin even more than usual .

Clearly, this issue needs to be addressed. However, I cannot do that by myself. We all need your help! That’s why I’ve put together an easy five-step guide on how to make sure you are as pure as possible . Here we go…

Religious Freedom

People may accuse you of being picky about what religion you want to follow or not following one at all, but remember—you have the freedom of religion in this country.



If everyone knows of a time when they smelled worse than usual, it’s not your fault—it’s the soap/deodorant companies trying to sell their products. If you want to try some other brand, I won’t judge . I promise!


Porn is one of the main sources (if not THE main source) of original sin today . We all know this; release yourself from its clutches and embrace purity. You can do it! However , if you regularly partake in any types of pornography, I would like to remind you that masturbation is still considered a sin according to most religions (though it may be necessary for medical purposes).